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Live, Virtual & Constructive

EW Environment Generation

Providing the test & evaluation and training communities with a scalable, modular and open resource that models threat emitters to the highest degree of fidelity.

High-Fidelity Threat Simulation

SRC achieves real-time, high-fidelity threat simulation by moving Keystone, the Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming Database (EWIRDB) simulation engine, into a real-time environment. Keystone produces reactive, validated pulse descriptor words in the Advanced Modular Pulse Simulator (AMPS).

The AMPS also layers propagation effects and ensures that pulses are generated in real-time. An AMPS unit can model up to 2,000 emitters in real-time and up to two million pulses per second in a standard, 2U rack-mounted solution. Additionally, multiple AMPS units can be daisy-chained together to deliver higher pulse density for more complex scenarios.

EW Environment Modeling & Simulation

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