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EW Threat Simulator Receivers

Common Electronic Attack Receiver (CEAR)

SRC's Common Electronic Attack Receiver (CEAR) performs real-time jamming analysis for true-to-life training against the radio frequency (RF) threats of today and tomorrow.

The self-contained CEAR system contains both a signal processor and a wideband, reprogrammable radar receiver. Providing electronic countermeasure detection for the threat simulator, CEAR processes radar returns, automatically detecting, discriminating and evaluating signals received from the target aircraft. Detected waveforms include range and velocity deception, amplitude modulation, chaff and noise. The CEAR system supports reactive threat simulation, creating a more realistic training environment to better prepare our warfighters for an actual surface-to-air missile (SAM) attack. 

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  • Multiple real-time electronic counter-countermeasures techniques to better simulate the real threat
  • User programmable and configurable via Ethernet
  • Flexible, field-reprogrammable, digital signal processor design using field-programmable gate arrays
  • Doppler, non-coherent and continuous wave processing
  • Analog and digital log video output
  • Automatic transmitter frequency tuning
  • Built-in test for go/no-go status and automatic fault isolation
  • Ruggedized, all-weather enclosure for open air

Next-generation EAR

Common Electronic Attack Receiver (CEAR)

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