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ISR Data Collection & Demonstration Tools

Multi-INT Simulation Technology (MIST) Software

SRC’s Multi-INT Simulation Technology is being used by government and industry to run virtual experiments and collect data for systems that won’t be deployed for many years. The data from MIST is helping to reduce risk in:

  • Adaptive processing techniques
  • Multi-static and bistatic radar
  • Space and airborne radar programs and sensor integration

MIST runs in a networked PC environment under Microsoft Windows. It runs on a single PC with the option to parallel-process across multiple PCs over a TCP/IP network. Clutter models use digital terrain elevation data and land-use-land-cover databases for terrain and clutter spreading. Sensor and target dynamics are defined in a STK-compatible file format. Model outputs are produced in MATLAB®-compatible, I/Q-sampled, time-domain data streams. MIST’s GUI is a Java-based application that uses an object-oriented hierarchical approach to design a simulation.


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    Product Overview Sheet

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