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U.S. Army Awards SRCTec Contract for AN/TPQ-50 LCMR Systems

February 5, 2024

Syracuse, NY – The U.S. Army has awarded SRCTec, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SRC, Inc., $99.95M for AN/TPQ-50 exportable lightweight counterfire radar (LCMR) systems, spares and repair parts. Work will be completed over five years.

The AN/TPQ-50 radar provides track-while-scan capabilities that allow for simultaneous detection and tracking of multiple threats fired from separate locations. The radar also provides point of origin calculation for a precise response. The contract from the Army supports upgrades for the AN/TPQ-50 radar, including survivability improvements from existing and emerging threats.

“We are proud to work with the U.S. Army to provide innovative, lifesaving solutions for the challenges that our warfighters face,” said Tony Stewart, general manager of SRCTec. “Our work on this contract will help the Army successfully complete missions and keep our soldiers safe.”

The SRC enterprise brings more than 65 years of research and development expertise in radars and sensors to this effort.


About SRC

SRC, Inc. (@SRCDefense), a not-for-profit research and development company, combines information, science, technology and ingenuity to solve “impossible” problems in the areas of defense, environment and intelligence. Across a family of companies, SRC applies bright minds, fresh thinking and relentless determination to deliver innovative products and services that are redefining possible® for the challenges faced by America and its allies.

Since 1957, SRC’s commitment to the customer and the best solution — not the bottom line — has remained a core value that guides its efforts. This passion for quality carries through to the technologies the company invents and manufactures, the laboratories and facilities it builds, the people they hire, and communities where they work. Today, nearly 1,400 engineers, scientists and professionals work together at SRC to protect people, the environment and our way of life.


AN/TPQ-50 Counterfire Radar

AN/TPQ-50 Counterfire Radar

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