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SRC Awarded Patent for Miniaturizing Antennas for Better Performance than Counterparts

January 31, 2024

Syracuse, NY – The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued SRC, Inc. a patent for “System and Method for Tuning Transistor-Based Non-Foster Negative Impedance Circuits for Low-Frequency Antennas,” a process that helps miniaturize antennas and gives them better performance than their previous counterparts.

“This patent recognizes the groundbreaking work of our talented engineers,” said Kevin Hair, president and CEO of SRC. “This invention is a significant advancement in antenna miniaturization and performance, enabling more efficient and compact designs for a wide range of applications."

The system enables the use of electrically small antennas across a wide bandwidth, while still maintaining low-frequency operation, miniature size and wide-bandwidth.

The inventors for this patent are senior manager, hardware electrical engineering, Dojana Salama and senior principal systems engineer Harvey Schuman. Salama works in the radio frequency/microwave area, providing guidance and oversight throughout the design process, as well as planning, managing and executing programs. Salama was recognized as the 2022 "Young Technologist of the Year" by the Technology Alliance of Central New York. Schuman has over 55 years of experience in signal processing and electromagnetics and is recognized as a fellow at SRC. He has authored numerous papers and presentations and holds eight other patents. In 2017, the Technology Alliance of Central New York awarded Schuman the Lifetime Achievement Award.


About SRC

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Harvey Schuman

Harvey Schuman
Senior Principal Systems Engineer

Dojana Salama

Dojana Salama
Senior Manager, Hardware Electrical Engineering

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