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SRC Announces Readiness of Two On-The-Move Radars After Series of Successful Demonstrations

September 24, 2021

Syracuse, NY – SRC has reached Technology Readiness Level 7 with two on-the-move (OTM) radars, the Precision Fire Control Radar (PFCR) and the SkyChaser® radar. These radars are advanced, active electronically scanned array (AESA) systems that have recently completed a series of successful demonstrations in an operational environment.

"The numerous demonstrations of SRC's PFCR and SkyChaser on-the-move radars proves the readiness of these systems to protect our warfighters" said Kevin Hair, president and CEO of SRC, Inc. "We are excited to announce this technology today to help support our customers' urgent needs."

In August 2021 at Yuma Proving Ground (YPG), Arizona, SRC demonstrated the multi-mission capabilities of the PFCR and the on-the-move capabilities of the SkyChaser radar to the U.S. Army Program Executive Office (PEO) Missiles and Space's Integrated Fires and Rapid Capabilities Office (IF/RCO).

In a fixed-site configuration, PFCR performed simultaneous multi-mission capabilities of rocket, artillery and mortar (RAM) and air target tracking, classification, and integration into FAAD C2. It observed, tracked, and produced point of origin (POO)/point of interest (POI) on several RAM targets of opportunity as well as Group 3 UAS, with a low false alarm rate for UAS class targets.

The SkyChaser radar was demonstrated on SRC's Silent Archer® vehicle. The SkyChaser radar performed 30 mph OTM, 360-degree azimuth, with hemispherical elevation coverage tracking capabilities against Group 1+ targets. OTM tracking data was sent in real time to the tactical operations center (TOC) and integrated with FAAD-C2 UAS targets.

OTM Testing at YPG was limited to the speed limits imposed by the rough terrain. SRC previously demonstrated similar on-the-move capabilities of the PFCR at highway speeds at Griffiss International Airport, New York in November 2020.

In addition to the unique capabilities that SRC's OTM radars provide, they can also be easily integrated on a variety of vehicle platforms due to their modularity, light weight, and small size. Being air cooled, they do not require the large, heavy liquid cooling add-ons that other radars need. As such, they are more reliable, lower cost and have lower life cycle costs.


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