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SRC Wins Contract to Manufacture and Deliver 40 Common Electronic Attack Receiver (CEAR) Systems

June 18, 2019

Syracuse, NY – SRC, Inc. has been awarded a $5.2 million contract from BAE Systems to build and deliver 40 Common Electronic Attack Receiver (CEAR) systems. The 40 CEAR systems will be manufactured in Syracuse, NY by SRCTec, LLC, an SRC subsidiary.

SRC's CEAR system performs real-time analysis of countermeasures for true-to-life training against RF threats. The system is a key component in both the Unmanned Threat Emitter (UMTE) and Joint Threat Emitter (JTE) systems, helping military aircraft in testing their ability to detect and defeat real-world threats.

“We are proud to continue supporting the military’s vital training against real-world threats,” said Paul G. Tremont, CEO of SRC. “The CEAR system is crucial to closing the test and evaluation feedback loop, ensuring the effectiveness of our RF countermeasures to help our warfighters complete their mission and return home safely.”

The CEAR system can detect and evaluate the effectiveness of countermeasures including range and velocity deception, amplitude modulation, chaff and noise. It also supports reactive threat simulation, creating a more realistic training environment to better prepare our warfighters for an actual surface-to-air missile (SAM) attack.

About SRC

SRC, Inc. (@SRCDefense), a not-for-profit research and development company, combines information, science, technology and ingenuity to solve “impossible” problems in the areas of defense, environment and intelligence. Across a family of companies, SRC applies bright minds, fresh thinking and relentless determination to deliver innovative products and services that are redefining possible® for the challenges faced by America and its allies.

Since 1957, SRC’s commitment to the customer and the best solution — not the bottom line — has remained a core value that guides its efforts. This passion for quality carries through to the technologies the company invents and manufactures, the laboratories and facilities it builds, the people they hire, and communities where they work. Today, more than 1,400 engineers, scientists and professionals work together at SRC to protect people, the environment and our way of life.


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