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Security Clearances

If the job position requires you to obtain a security clearance:

  • You must be willing to apply for and maintain the required security clearance (e.g., Secret, Top Secret)
    • Please review the security clearance eligibility guidelines carefully.
    • If you feel you cannot meet all eligibility guidelines, the Government could still grant a security clearance, but it could prolong the process by several months to even years.

  • What is involved with obtaining a security clearance?
    • For a standard Secret or Top Secret clearance, you have to complete a Form SF86, which involves disclosures regarding residences, education, employment, foreign travel, finances, mental health, and criminal record.
    • For a Top Secret clearance with SCI access, additional customer specific paperwork will be required.
    • You must report all foreign contacts you have a continuous relationship with, including family.
    • You will be fingerprinted and undergo a background check.
    • The Government will interview you, your friends, your neighbors, and people you’ve worked with.
    • If the job requires SCI access, you may be subject to a counterintelligence or full-scope polygraph.
    • The time it takes to obtain a security clearance can vary greatly and is dependent on all the above information you truthfully provide.

  • If granted a security clearance
    • The Government is placing significant trust in you to protect National Security information.
    • You must sign an NDA with the Government.
    • You will have continuous obligations:
      • You must immediately report any life events that could impact your security clearance. (ref. security clearance eligibility requirements)
      • You must report all foreign travel. If the job requires SCI access, you may need to ask permission to leave the country.
      • You must protect National Security information even after you no longer need your clearance.


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