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EW Threat Analysis & Technique Development

Post-Mission EW Data Virtual Forensics

SRC is taking its expertise in ground-based EW defense and augmenting it with full motion video to improve situational awareness around EW events. We have developed a lightweight, web-enabled forensics tool that simultaneously displays cartographic, ground-based immersive video, and EW views of combat missions.

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The Motion Analysis GeoINT Components fusion tool is a combination of immersive, 360 degree video, Google Earth® and EW data. This technology displays the vehicle track and its onboard video field of view, while also visually mapping EW items of interest.

The MAGIC interface enables the analyst to pan, tilt and zoom the field of view of a recorded video, virtually immersing the user in the environment as if steering a live camera. This allows analysts to investigate possible bomb locations inside a culvert, RF locations of interest, or people and vehicles in the vicinity at the time of the incident.

The MAGIC project currently uses post-mission recorded data. We are exploring ways to transition this capability for real-time missions. SRC is also investigating solutions that leverage research in computer vision, such as facial recognition, to further enhance situational awareness.


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