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Signal & Data Processing

High-Performance Computing

SRC's expertise in high-performance computing is being used to develop extremely powerful and extremely low-SWaP systems for airborne, vehicle mounted and space applications.

SRC develops sophisticated algorithms and applications to streamline the processing of extremely large data sets. Through rapid search and query performance for multidimensional data, our two-step approach employs stream mining and statistical temporal summarization to reduce the number of stored objects. The resulting data reduction and indexing allows for data query and analysis with response times far exceeding standard performance measures.

Our high-performance computing capabilities:

  • Significantly reduce processing time for large data sets, allowing for superior analysis of complex problems that would not be possible utilizing standard computing hardware
  • Decrease the need to test physical prototypes by making use of advanced computational analyses to predict outcomes
  • Process simulation models fast and efficiently, improving data collection and increasing accuracy

High-Performance Computing in Action

Showcasing our high-performance computing capabilities, the Agile Condor® high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) system provides the capability to run a set of distributed software algorithms leveraging heterogeneous computing, including existing advanced signal processing, AI, and ML algorithms to bring cognitive computing upstream and create smarter, more autonomous sensors.

The system incorporates SRC’s digital signal processing (DSP) expertise, leveraging the latest high-performance processors (CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, etc.), I/O and communication, and power conversion/conditioning in an industry-standard, open configuration.

High-Performance Computing

Capability Overview Sheet

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