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Life in Syracuse, New York

The greater Syracuse area is a mix of amazing natural beauty, culture and a family-friendly lifestyle. Here, the suburban community is made of up several towns and villages with a housing market that offers a great variety —  from the city to the country and everything in between. And, the cost of living is a fraction of that in major metropolitan areas. It is also centrally located and is less than a five hour drive to major cities like New York and Boston.


It's no secret that education is a top priority in New York State. Central New York (CNY) is well-known for its abundance of top-quality school districts. The area also offers great higher education institutions — Syracuse University, Cornell, Rochester Institute of Technology, and a fantastic state university system are just a few examples.

SRC has deep roots within academia, having started as a research and development arm of Syracuse University in 1957. Our commitment to education, particularly in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields, extends beyond just our current business needs. We believe that STEM education is vital to the future of our community and country, and we are proud to support several initiatives to build a strong pipeline of American students capable of tackling our nation’s future challenges. Learn more about our STEM Education efforts.

Family Life

Life in CNY will redefine your family's idea of what a community can be. You'll spend less time commuting — as the trip from one side of town to the other is usually less than 30 minutes — and more time finding a healthy balance between work and play. As for recreation time, the possibilities are endless. Be sure to check out some of these area highlights:

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