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Radars & Sensors

Multi-Mission Systems

SRC develops multi-mission radars that can simultaneously perform the missions of multiple systems in a single radar - allowing you to do more with less.

SRC has experience developing radars for a variety of missions, such as air traffic control, avian surveillance, counterfire target acquisition, counter-UAS and drug interdiction. With the advent of new technology, we are now integrating these missions to be performed simultaneously in a single platform. 

We offer tailored, multi-mission system capabilities for a variety of foreign and domestic requirements. Our systems perform the necessary tradeoffs to prioritize target and mission space needs to provide an optimally-balanced solution.  

AESA50 Multi-Mission Radar

Performs multiple missions simultaneously while on-the-move

LCMR Counterfire Radars

Provides early warning of indirect fire & counterfire target acquisition

MMR Multi-Mission Radar

Performs air traffic control, air defense, counterfire and fire control missions

Omni-Directional Weapon Locating Radar

Hemispherical coverage volume & multi-mission support

Precision Fire Control Radar

Tracks target and munitions to determine and recalculate firing coordinates on-the-fly

On-the-Move Multi-Mission Radar

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On-the-move detection of low, slow and small targets

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  • Lab Facilities
    Learn about our dedicated labs and chambers used for sophisticated research and development on multi-mission systems.
  • Modeling & Simulation
    Learn about our modeling & simulation capabilities for developing radar systems.

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