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Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance

Information Processing and Exploitation

We help customers like the DoD and the intelligence community with information exploitation that spans across:

  • Cyber
  • Electronic warfare (EW) analysis
  • Full motion video (FMV) fusion
  • Signals intelligence (SIGINT)

Through our work on the National SIGINT Requirements Process (NSRP) program, we have gained a deep understanding of intelligence requirements, processing and workflow. Our engineers can work in a variety of programming languages, target deployment environments, and security networks to provide high-quality, near real-time software solutions that exploit individual intelligence sources and fuse them with other streams.

  • Cyber Security Risk Assessment
    Originally developed for the intelligence community, our continuous monitoring security awareness solution offers threat characterization, statistical and behavioral analysis, and visualization for cyber, insider threat, social media and fraud detection applications.
  • EW Data Analysis
    Our CREW analysis suite combines important RF information from our CREW Duke system with intelligence documents, airborne track data and ground-based, immersive FMV.
  • Knowledge Association Software Toolkit
    KAST was originally designed to support airborne SIGINT exploitation on RIVET JOINT, but has since been extended to provide reasoning and alerting in cyber, border security, and chemical and biological defense.

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