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Managed Security Services

SRC provides comprehensive security operations and computer network defense services. We provide direct support to DHS, DoD and commercial customers by protecting sensitive IT networks that are critical to mission success. Our IT security professionals have atleast four years of direct security experience and two or more industry-recognized certifications for professional competency. Our security services include:

IT System Governance, Risk & Compliance

SRC has successfully demonstrated the full integration of incident response, cyber threat intelligence and compliance auditing/vulnerability testing. This integration delivers a comprehensive and holistic understanding of an organization's security posture and enables better risk management decisions. We help CIOs and CISOs effectively apply resources to the risks that represent the largest threat to business operations.

Network Security Monitoring & Security Operations

SRC monitors a global network of computer nodes on a 24x7 basis, looking for indications of intrusion or compromise. We have extensive experience monitoring and fusing both network and host level data from servers, applications, network devices and security sensors to develop a unified operational picture that allows us to proactively defend our customer’s networks and information.

Detection, Analysis & Remediation

Our IT security professionals have extensive experience in the discovery, analysis and mitigation of malicious cyber activities for both commercial and government customers. Our experience includes network analysis, malware management and cyber intelligence.

IT System Security: Evaluation & Testing, Analysis & Reporting

SRC's security analysts understand the challenges that all organizations face today with regard to data analysis, data analytics and security metrics. We integrate a daily review of all relevant log data and external data sources into a comprehensive picture. We provide specific conclusions and recommendations based on this data to improve customer threat postures.

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