Counter-UAS Systems

SRC is applying its extensive background in electronic warfare, air surveillance, and target detection, tracking and classification algorithms to help defend against low, slow and small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) threats.

Our anti-drone defense technology...

  • Detects, tracks, classifies, identifies and engages hostile UAS threats
  • Electronically disrupts individual UAS or swarms
  • Complements kinetic weapon systems for layered defense
  • Can be deployed in fixed-site, expeditionary or fly-away configurations
  • Is the solution of choice for VIP protection and high profile events such as the G8 and G20 Summits as well as the 2012 Summer Olympics

Silent Archer® Counter-UAS Technology

Silent Archer Anti-Drone / Counter-UAS System

Proven, field-ready systems that integrate to detect, track, identify & defeat hostile drones.


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