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LSTAR® Air Surveillance Software

SRC offers software that provides owners of the AN/TPQ-49 and AN/TPQ-50 radar platforms with air surveillance capabilities.

LSTAR air surveillance software

The LSTAR software brings air surveillance capabilities to the AN/TPQ-49 and AN/TPQ-50 radar platforms. It extends the coverage volume using air surveillance specific waveforms for monitoring the air space. The software includes a new tracker, classifier, display and interfaces tailored for air surveillance and air defense operations. The LSTAR software enables 3-D detection of traditional aircraft (commercial, small/private, and rotary wing) and nontraditional aircraft, such as low altitude, slow flying, small radar cross-section targets like ultralights and paragliders/hang-gliders.

License and Maintenance Agreement

For pricing information, please download the LSTAR® Software Overview Sheet .


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