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Gryphon R1410 AESA 3-D Radar

The Gryphon R1410 is a true 3-D multi-mission software configurable radar that simultaneously tracks targets over air, land and sea.

The Gryphon R1410 is a 3-D, fully active electronically scanned array (AESA) surveillance radar designed to detect and track targets of interest including: drones, manned aircraft, personnel, land vehicles and marine vessels. It is ideal for the surveillance of borders, airports, critical infrastructure, ports, harbors and remote areas.

The Gryphon R1410 multi-mission radar offers:

  • Automatic target tracking and classification over air, land and sea
  • Tracks hundreds of targets simultaneously
  • Configurable hemispherical volume of coverage: 360 degrees in azimuth and 90 degrees in elevation
  • Advanced 3-D display
  • Tower, vehicle mount and tripod configurations

    Gryphon R1410 AESA 3-D Radar

    Product Overview Sheet

*The Gryphon R1410 will be available for purchase in late 2019.



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