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Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance

Advanced Software Development

Developing Software at the Speed of Need

SRC is helping the DoD improve the speed, reliability and security of the software development pipeline by embracing Agile frameworks and DevSecOps methodologies.

SRC has created a full solution continuous development environment providing software engineers with certifications, leading industry tools and methodologies. SRC's software development teams are leveraging Scaled Agile Framework, DevSecOps methodologies, and the NIST security engineering RMF to ensure customers receive hardened, mission ready software at the "speed of need."

SRC software engineering capabilities include:

  • Program managers and software engineers with industry certifications
  • Program management office ensuring engineering processes are applied consistently across all software development programs in the SRC enterprise
  • State-of-the-art Agile development environment
  • SAFe to empower DevSecOps
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry's services, frameworks and processes
  • Paired programming techniques to reduce errors and ensure high-quality, secure and functional software
  • Automated testing to facilitate continuous deployment
  • Independent test team personnel embedded within the SAFe development teams

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