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Electronic Warfare

Software Defined Radios

SRC designs and develops battle-proven software defined radios (SDRs) that enable warfighters to execute their missions safely and effectively.

SRC’s SDRs combine a wideband RF spectrum, significant signal processing power, and multiple I/O interfaces for scalable solutions that defend against technologically sophisticated, near-peer adversaries — now, and in the future.

Redefining Possible® through Software

SRC's SDRs are capable of performing a variety of missions to support and protect the warfighter. These systems can be loaded with mission-specific or multi-mission software that can adapt to new or evolving missions without needing to change hardware.

Knowing where you are is crucial to force protection. SRC's SDRs can deliver assured-position navigation and timing (PNT), hardening your systems and convoys from PNT based attacks.

Protected communications are equally vital to friendly forces and the enemy. Our SDRs can intercept enemy communications and spoof locations of decoy blue-force communications to gather actionable intel while confusing and deceiving the enemy.

Munitions are less effective without fuses. SRC's solutions can deliver EW and cyber payloads to disrupt fuses, reducing the risk of casualties to our warfighters.

Allowing the warfighter to conceal movements and confuse adversaries is vital in the near-peer fight. SRC's solutions identify Red and Blue Force signatures while providing denial, deception and decoy capabilities.

Remote-controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIED) are easily concealed and pose a grave threat to the warfighter. SRC's multimission SDR systems leverage proven precision EW techniques to provide lifesaving protection against RCIED threats.

Countering small, fast moving hostile drones is difficult and requires speed, intel and precision. SRC’s multimission solutions can quickly detect, track, classify and disrupt hostile UAS.

The future of the battlefield is Cyber. SRC is extending the warfighter’s cyber arsenal by integrating cyberattack techniques into SDR solutions.

Denying the enemy accurate locating ability is crucial to winning the navigation warfare (NAVWAR) fight. Our SDRs can sense enemy PNT effects while delivering surgical PNT attacks to disrupt enemy forces and masking Blue-Force locations.

Defending against single, multiple, swarm and coordinated UAS attacks requires a special set of skills and capabilities that SRC's solutions can provide.

SRC's SDRs can provide robust, tactical data links to assure connectivity in a congested and contested electromagnetic environment.

Strength through Size

SRC's SDR systems balance mission needs with size weight and power (SWaP) constraints to deliver critical capabilities to the warfighter. SRC engineers have developed SDRs to fit a variety of SWaP requirements on various platforms.

In a vehicle mounted configuration, our SDRs provide a variety of force protection capabilities both at-the-halt and on-the-move, while meeting existing vehicle SWaP constraints.

SRC's small form factor SDRs are man-portable and provide efficient, multi-mission EW capabilities. Our solutions reduce SWaP, enabling long duration mission support, while lightening the warfighter's load.

Software Defined Radios

SRC6458 CMOSS 3U VPX Payload Card

SRC5986A Micro-Transceiver

SRC5986E Rugged Micro-Transceiver

AN/VLQ-12 CREW Duke System

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