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SRC is leveraging our long history in information operations, special technical operations, data mining, visualization, data fusion, and electronic warfare to bring unique, innovative solutions to the nation’s cyber challenges. SRC is focused on combining operational and technical cyber experts with game-changing technologies to enable our nation to defend its networks and preserve freedom of maneuver in the cyberspace domain.

Cloud Security

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Information Sharing

Cyber Intel &
Decision Support

Cyber Security
Risk Assessment

EW-Enabled Cyber

Information Assurance

Insider Threat Detection

Managed Security Services


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Looking for Commercial Cyber Services?

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  • Incident Response
    Recognize and respond to a security incident in a timely manner. Fast and efficient responses can lead to quick recoveries, minimize the levels of damage, and help prevent future incidents.
  • Proactive Security Assessment
    Supports informed management decisions by utilizing automated tools and robust methodologies to perform overt testing of IT infrastructure and computing environment from a technical, compliance and operational perspective, setting the baseline for cyber risk and evaluating the effectiveness of your business’s existing procedures and practices.