CBRN Defense

Aklus Shield® C-Model Biological Threat Detection and Collection System

SRC’s Aklus Shield C-Model system helps protect people from terrorist attacks by monitoring the air for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats.

An airborne biological threat detection and sampling system at its core, the Aklus Shield C-Model can integrate with chemical and radiological sensors to provide a complete, multi-role, CBRN threat surveillance system. It can be placed anywhere the threat is most likely to be, due to its rugged, lightweight and compact design. The Aklus Shield C-Model is ideal for industrial and general security operations in airports, shopping malls and other highly populated areas.

  • Airborne biological threat detection and sampling; configurable for complete, multi-role CBRN detection and sampling
  • Definable particle signature library for custom, near real-time alerts (less than 5 minutes for confirmation of threat)
  • Networkable and embedded mesh radio for wide area surveillance, remote monitoring and operation
  • Lightweight, compact and portable
  • Custom network integration available

The Aklus Shield C-Model system is available for commercial sale (Not ITAR controlled).

Aklus Shield C-Model

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  • Detection & Protection
    Chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear detection threats are requiring more precise and deployable technologies. Detection and Protection

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To place an order, or to request more information about the Aklus Shield C-Model system, please contact us. This system is available for commercial sale.