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Wind Farm Gap-Filling Radars

BSTAR Avian Radar

Wind farm interference is a a known problem for radar systems, causing poor detection rates while significantly increasing the rate of false alarms. With the increase in the number and size of wind turbines brought about by the growing demand for renewable energy, there has never been a bigger need for a solution that properly mitigates these challenging problems.

SRC has developed the LSTAR®  and BSTAR radars — two low-cost, high-performance, gap-filling air surveillance radars — to specifically address the clutter problems induced by the turbine blades on wind farms. These systems utilize novel radar technologies along with proprietary algorithms to track small, slow moving aircraft and avian life that previously flew undetected over wind turbines.

  • Reliably detects and tracks low, slow-moving, small aircraft flying amidst wind farms
  • Automatically detects and localizes each turbine for unrivaled false alarm control
  • Adaptive algorithms provide optimal detectability by dynamically adjusting to changing turbine speeds
  • Outstanding performance proven during DHS/DoD/DoE/FAA IFT&E test programs

Radar Models

  • BSTAR™ Avian Surveillance and Warning System
    Automatically detects, locates, tracks and provides biomass estimates of birds and bats for both situational awareness and to provide warning of large raptors that are approaching wind turbines. Logs bird and bat position, time, speed, altitude and biomass for preconstruction wind energy environmental studies. Helps scientists characterize and analyze bird behavior, conduct habitat studies and identify potential hazard areas.
  • LSTAR® Air Surveillance Radars
    Fills critical gaps in air surveillance that specifically addresses the wind turbine clutter problems caused by wind farms. Tracks small, slow moving aircraft that previously flew undetected over wind turbines.


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