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Wall Penetration Radars

Wall Penetration Radar

The application of sense-through-the-wall technology is essential to protecting our warfighters as the battlespace transitions to more populated, urban terrain. SRC has been developing wall and building penetrating radars to enhance situational awareness by detecting distributed personnel behind obstructions from long distances.

  • O-PEN™ Radar
    A sense-through-the-wall radar system that detects and locates people behind concrete walls, doors and other barriers from a significant standoff range.

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Rush Order for Innovation Saves Combat Lives
Rush Order for Innovation Saves Combat Lives
Syracuse Company's Inventors Meet the Army’s Challenge to Customize Anti-Mortar Radar
The Post-Standard

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Link Lab Facilities
Learn about our dedicated labs and chambers used for sophisticated research and development on wall penetration radars.

Link Modeling & Simulation
Learn about our modeling & simulation capabilities for developing radar systems.

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