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receivers/exciters and signal processors

As the world leader in counterfire radar signal processing technology and algorithms, we develop highly-capable receivers, exciters and signal processors for ground, air and vehicle radar applications; threat simulation receivers; as well as technology refreshes for older systems.

Our expertise in digital signal processing includes FPGAs, GPUs, embedded DSPs, and GPPs. The receiver/exciter subsystems we build span numerous frequency bands including UHF, L-Band, S-Band, X-Band, and Ku-Band. We use advanced, high-bandwidth analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters to develop direct-to-RF sensor front-ends and leverage digital beamforming technology to make our systems more efficient while significantly reducing SWaP. These rugged, low-power systems utilize hybrid processing techniques with multiple processors at various bandwidths.

  • AN/TPQ-53 (formerly the EQ-36) Signal Data Processor
    SRC is the designer and producer of the AN/TPQ-53 signal data processor. This compact, FPGA based, conduction cooled processor meets MIL-STD environmental and EMI specs and draws upon our long history of counterfire DSP design.


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Rush Order for Innovation Saves Combat Lives
Rush Order for Innovation Saves Combat Lives
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