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Passive, Bi-Static & Multi-Static Radars

Passive, Bi-Static & Multi-Static Radar

SRC has more than 40 years of experience in designing passive radar, including bi-static and multi-static operation. We have developed radars for fixed location, ground-based surveillance and moving baseline (ship- and aircraft-based) configurations.

Our passive radar systems can be deployed in either cooperative (direct communication with the emitter) or non-cooperative (host remotely off emitters of opportunity) configurations. We have participated in many bi-static data collection and processing efforts that used ground-, air-, and space-borne assets. We have extensive experience applying a variety of processing algorithms to the data collected during these tests, including space-time adaptive processing (STAP), synthetic aperture radar (SAR), ground moving target indication (GMTI), air moving target indication (AMTI), motion compensation, tracking and a variety of high-performance exploitation algorithms.

Systems we have developed include:

  • Advanced Parasitic Bistatic Radar (APBR)
  • Bistatic Artillery Locating Radar (BALR)
  • Enhanced Passive Surveillance System (EPSS)
  • Multi-Static Receiver (MSR)
  • Passive Surveillance Radar (PSR)
  • Pulse Tracker Radar (PTK)
  • Passive Bistatic Radar (PBR)
  • Wideband Electronic Array (WEA)
  • Wideband Enhanced Passive Surveillance System (WEPSS)



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