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LCMR Counterfire Radars

LCMR Counterfire Radars

The Lightweight Counter-Mortar Radar family of systems provides continuous 3-D, 360-degree surveillance and 3-D rocket, artillery and mortar location using a non-rotating, electronically steered antenna. The radars perform with a track-while-scan capability allowing for the simultaneous detection and tracking of multiple threats fired from separate locations. Once a RAM threat is detected, the radar sends an early warning message indicating that a round is incoming. After sufficient data is collected to enable an accurate point of origin, the weapon’s location is reported back for a counterfire response from any integrated system.

The LCMR family of systems are the most widely fielded counterfire radars in the world. These lifesaving radars share the following benefits:

  • Low lifecycle cost
  • Unattended remote operation
  • Easily transportable with rapid emplacement in challenging locations
  • Ruggedized with no moving parts for minimal maintenance
  • Rooftop, tower, tripod or vehicle mountable
  • Network ready for integration with FAAD network
  • Capable of fulfilling multiple missions simultaneously

LCMR Counterfire Radar Models

  • AN/TPQ-50 Counterfire Radar (View product overview sheet)
    Builds upon the success and the AN/TPQ-49 and adapted to fulfill multiple missions. Offers detection of incoming RAM from low quadrant elevations and a more accurate POI calculation from greater distances.
  • AN/TPQ-49 Counterfire Radar (View product overview sheet)
    Designed for use by expeditionary forces, this lightweight radar can be assembled or disassembled by two soldiers in 20 minutes.

LSTAR® / BSTAR™ Software

SRC offers software that provides owners of the AN/TPQ-49 and AN/TPQ-50
radar platforms with air surveillance or avian surveillance capabilities. Learn more about the LSTAR and BSTAR software.

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PDF AN/TPQ-50 Counterfire Radar
Product Overview Sheet
PDF AN/TPQ-49 Counterfire Radar
Product Overview Sheet

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