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Foliage Penetration Radars

Foliage Penetration Radar

SRC engineers develop both airborne and ground-based radars that can detect moving targets through dense foliage.

Our unique foliage penetrating radar capability has been demonstrated in single and double-canopy environments inside and outside the continental U.S. This advanced technology can detect dismount targets moving under heavy foliage, preventing enemy combatants from hiding and engaging in covert operations.

Mounting the radar on an airborne platform provides stand-off, persistent, wide-area foliage penetration surveillance and detection and tracking of dismounts and vehicles. Optionally, a vehicle-based sensor for obstruction penetration can also be used for FOPEN applications. We continue to develop and improve processing capability that transforms the collected radar data into real-time actionable intelligence for the operator.

  • FORESTER Foliage Penetration Radar
    An airborne sensor system that provides stand-off and persistent wide-area surveillance of dismounted troops and vehicles moving through foliage.
  • O-PEN™ Radar
    A radar system that detects and locates people and objects from a significant standoff range through light foliage, behind concrete walls, doors and other barriers.
  • Real-Time Autonomous SAR
    A small, lightweight, low power, self-contained radar designed for installation under the wing of a UAS for counter-IED and foliage penetration missions


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