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BSTAR™ Avian Surveillance and Warning System

BSTAR Avian Radar

The BSTAR™ radar is designed to detect avian targets over airport operating areas as well as outside the fence. It provides fully automatic 3-D detection, location, tracking and target classification of birds and aircraft. It enables you to visualize hazard warnings through a configurable and integrated 3-D Google Earth® display, providing you with bird altitude and biomass readings. A new hazard warning capability enables the user to identify high threat areas, such as approach and departure corridors, and monitors those regions of concern. The BSTAT™ data management subsystem continuously captures and indexes all the radar data and evaluates it to identify avian attractants and behavior patterns with respect to time and location.

The BSTAR radar is also highly useful for wind farm applications. Its real-time ability to automatically detect, locate, track and provide biomass estimates of birds and bats provides both situational awareness and warning of large raptors that are approaching the turbines.

  • 3-D, 360-degree real-time avian situational awareness
  • All-weather operation
  • Tracks low, slow-moving birds, while suppressing stationary and wind turbine clutter
  • Non-rotating, electronically steered antenna for reliability and low lifecycle cost
  • Small footprint and low power consumption
  • Configurable and integrated 3-D Google Earth® display
  • Unique bird/aircraft Miss Distance Monitor
  • Generally exceeds the requirements of the FAA Advisory Circular 150/5220-25

BSTAR Radar Models

  • BSTAR-2 Radar
    For applications where there is minimum infrastructure available. It is the smallest, lightest, least expensive BSTAR radar.
  • BSTAR-3 Radar
    For applications where better performance is necessary and slightly more infrastructure is available.

BSTAR Avian Surveillance Software

The BSTAR avian surveillance software is included in the price of an BSTAR radar. SRC offers owners of the AN/TPQ-49 and AN/TPQ-50 radar platforms with the ability to purchase software that provides air surveillance or avian surveillance capabilities. Learn more about the LSTAR and BSTAR software.


Configuration Options

The BSTAR radars can be configured with the following optional subsystems:



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Product Overview Sheet
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