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Avian Surveillance Radars

Air Surveillance Radars

SRC develops avian surveillance radars that detect, locate, track, and classify airborne targets like bats and birds.

These radars are ideal for airports to help mitigate aircraft and bird strikes, and also for windfarms to aid in reducing collisions between important protected species and wind turbines. Our all-weather radars are easy to set-up and tear down, and can be configured with a variety of options, such as an EO/IR camera for visual identification, or a tower mount for better air surveillance performance.

  • BSTAR™ Avian Surveillance and Warning System
    Provides fully automatic, 3-D detection, location, tracking and target classification of birds and aircraft and enables you to visualize hazard warnings through an integrated 3-D Google Earth® display. Using advanced signal processing techniques, this radar can also detect avian life over wind turbines that fly undetected by most other radars due to clutter problems induced by the turbine blades.
  • SR Hawk™ Surveillance Radar
    A small, lightweight, low-power, transportable radar that tracks low, slow and small airborne targets like birds as well as ground targets such as walking animals, people and vehicles. This radar is ideal for surveillance of windfarms, solar farms, airports and more.

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