Airborne & UAS Sensor Systems

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Airborne and UAS Payload Systems

SRC designs, builds and tests airborne-, dismount-, and ground-moving target indicator, as well as synthetic aperture radar used for airborne applications like foliage penetration, counter-IED and airborne sense and avoid.

We develop chassis and sensor pods with lightweight, structurally sound materials that provide novel thermal management capability to match the operational environment. Custom-engineered digital signal processing boards then provide the proper balance of processing capability and power consumption. Our AMTI, DMTI, GMTI and SAR radars use numerous frequency bands including UHF, L-Band, X-Band, and Ku-Band.

Our lightweight, SWaP-sensitive payload systems are designed to fit existing aircraft pod space to meet integration, air worthiness and flight safety requirements. We can integrate our systems with a variety of platforms, ranging from fixed wing, rotary wing, airship and unmanned aircraft systems (also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, and often referred to by the media as drones).

  • FORESTER Foliage Penetration Radar
    An airborne sensor system that provides standoff and persistent wide-area surveillance of dismounted troops and vehicles moving through foliage
  • Real-Time Autonomous SAR
    A small, lightweight, low power, self-contained radar designed for installation under the wing of a UAS for counter-IED and foliage penetration missions


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Rush Order for Innovation Saves Combat Lives
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