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Threat Simulators

Leveraging our work in electronic warfare, we developed a suite of electronic attack receivers that enhance the capabilities of existing threat simulator platforms. The mission of the EAR is to process signals emitted by aircraft during training missions in order to detect and parameterize electronic counter measures. Since 1998, we have produced over 100 EARs for the Air Force and Navy threat simulator programs.

We have developed EAR systems for the Unmanned Threat Emitter (UMTE), the Joint Threat Emitter (JTE), and the Threat Radar Emitter Simulator/Reactive Track Receiver (TRES/RTR) threat simulators. We are currently developing the next-generation Common Electronic Attack Receiver (CEAR) which leverages the latest in modular hardware and software technology. CEAR will provide an extendable framework which can be easily configured to operate with numerous multiple threat simulators.

  • Common Electronic Attack Receiver
    A receiver with rugged hardware, advanced digital signal processing and RF performance that is configurable to work with multiple threat simulators
  • ECM Receiver 1854
    The electronic countermeasure receiver 1854 is a key component of the TRES/RTR, used to train Navy pilots to identify and react to critical surface-to-air missile threats.

EA Receiver for Threat Simulator

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