Electronic Warfare Intelligence Production & Reprogramming

EW Intelligence Production & Reprogramming

With more than 35 years of electronic warfare experience, we are redefining possible for the EW community and the challenges it faces with today’s technologically advanced targets.

Just as the threats we analyze have become more sophisticated, so does the volume and complexity of the data required to identify, track, simulate and counter them. EW engineers and analysts have become inundated with information that needs to be managed, processed, characterized and reported against. SRC is addressing this problem with world class tools and analytic services for all aspects of the intelligence production and reprogramming cycle. SRC is a significant contributor to the reprogramming database product, EWIRDB.

  • EW Engineering & Analysis
    SRC provides analytic services and EW expertise to the reprogramming, modeling and simulation, and mission planning communities.
    SRC helped create the original EWIRDB in the 1970s. We are now involved in the development of the current version of EWIRDB and in delivering training on the use of this database for the EWIR community.
  • SIGINT and EW Tools
    SRC develops tools to interface with the EWIRDB, common SIGINT data formats, and other international intelligence databases.

EW Intel Production and Reprogramming Cycle

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