Electronic Warfare Environment Simulation

EW Environment Simulation

Next generation solutions for the test & evaluation and training communities that ensure electromagnetic spectrum superiority for mission success

SRC has more than 35 years of experience with analyzing the behavior of current and advanced foreign threats for national databases like the Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming Database (EWIRDB). We combine our deep knowledge of threat behavior with real-time technologies including the Advanced Modular Pulse Simulator (AMPS) and our Common Electronic Attack Receiver to build complete, software-in-the-loop, direct inject, chamber radiated and open-air solutions for the test & evaluation and training communities.

  • Validated EWIRDB & Opana Data
    The EWIRDB is the electronic warfare community's primary source of parametric data for radars and other non-communications emitters that supports all traditional U.S. radar warning receiver and jammer systems.
  • Electronic Attack (EA) & Electronic Protection (EP) Performance Assessment
    Threat Simulator Receivers
    Our threat simulator receivers process signals emitted by aircraft during training missions in order to detect and parameterize electronic countermeasures.
  • EW Environment Generation
    High Fidelity Threat Simulation
    The SRC AMPS simulators utilize Keystone software to provide scalable, interchangeable and open resource solutions for modeling threat emitters to the highest degree of fidelity.

Our software-in-the-loop simulation approach provides more realistic EW test and training scenarios for the validation and assessment of 5th generation radar and communications systems. SRC simulates the true behavior of a threat by leveraging true to life EWIRDB models that react to RF and environmental inputs. Our threat simulator receivers analyze signals from the environment and provide feedback to these models in a real-time signal generator to “close the loop.”

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